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Planta Verde CBD Relief Gel contains a cooling, therapeutic blend of OptiMSM® (methylsulfonylmethane), aloe vera gel, 99% pure CBD isolate, and witch hazel, designed to work synergistically to tame inflammation. Our CBD Relief Gel is ideal for arthritis and post-workout care for hardworking muscles and joints.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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45 reviews for CBD Relief Gel (1000 mg)

  1. Vivian D.

    Love this!

  2. LJ Buckley

    Reduces my muscles spasm. Great product.

  3. Christine Pires

    Keep it on my nightstand and one at my desk at work. Not messy or greasy at all which is perfect.

  4. Oscar M.

    Love this product! Better than taking prescription for joint and muscle pain.

  5. Vincent Palmer

    This is the fourth time I order. It is a good massage gel, it is easily absorbed by the skin and in addition relaxes the muscles. I like it.

  6. Nicolau E.

    Very efficient. This gel relaxes my muscles and alleviates the pain.

  7. Kathy Nicholson

    Very good for muscle pain, this gel is absorbed very quickly. I use it for the back, shoulders and legs and it is wonderful! I usually use it in the evening and it gives me a restful sleep. Love the smell also.

  8. Taylor Jones

    The best product for muscle and joint pain, fast acting. I recommend this to everyone who has pain and to use it with confidence…it works so well. You will be pleased

  9. Tom N.

    This product was recommended to me months ago by a friend who buys it from here. It works so well, I have used it for my neck, shoulder and leg pain. I know someone who used it for sore elbows from hammering all day with great results.

  10. Sharon

    Just rubbed this on my feet that are very achy and I had to come and look at the reviews and I see none for feet it’s helping right away.

  11. Catherine Brown

    This gel is the perfect product for muscle aches and pain. It has helped me a lot. I usually apply this gel after training at the gym. The smell is very pleasant and is absorbed quickly and the muscle pain disappears just as quickly.

  12. Anna R.

    It helped me reduce joint and muscle pain and improve blood circulation. I recommend it with confidence to all people who stand for a long time and/or do intensive training.

  13. Danielle Lopez

    There is no gel like this one with the extra strength and ingredients that CBD Relief Gel has. Great product. 5 stars

  14. Carrie Walton

    This relief gel really seems to be working. I enjoy this product very much, I use it everyday for back pains multiple times a day. If you are in pain definitely give it a try. It’s a very good product would highly recommend.

  15. Kelly Hicks

    It helps my pain better than anything. I used it on my neck and back for pain relief. I would recommend this product.

  16. James Long

    This gel has the right ingredients for knee pain. I applied a little gel to my injured knee and it relieved my pain considerably. It didn’t irritate my skin at all. I am very happy that I gave this product a chance.

  17. Anthony K.

    The best gel ever…it really does the job. It came quickly and the price is affordable. I will definitely order again, thank you.

  18. Vlad Silva

    My knees often hurt and since I started using this product, I really don’t have pain anymore. Very effective! After the first application, results have already been seen! Very good price-quality ratio.

  19. Derrick W.

    My back pain has disappeared since using it daily. ! I will definitely continue to buy it.

  20. Jen Spears

    What a great product this gel is. I like that they use a smart variety of natural ingredients. It is not sticky or greasy feeling on your skin, but makes it feel very soft to the touch! Most importantly of all, it works extremely well at controlling pain.

  21. A. Terry

    Smells really nice and gives you the tingling feeling once applied. Definitely helped with pain relief in any part of my body.

  22. Krista Adkins

    Works wonders after physical exercise. I have a problem with one knee, but I apply the gel after every training, and the pain is relieved.

  23. Gregg Bishop

    After an intense workout at the gym, I have very severe muscle pain. This gel helps me every time I apply it to any muscle. It’s amazing that I found this product at a good price and quality.

  24. Adrian S.

    I recently burned two fingers very badly and this gel really soothed my pain. I also use it if my knee hurts after cycling. I am very impressed with the immediate effect.

  25. Mel Fields

    Great for back pain. Effective and relieves the pain for a long time. Exactly what I need.

  26. Shannon Nguyen

    I haven’t tried any CBD products until recently and was curious to try this. This gel has a good range of pain relief ingredients. it relieves your pain very quickly. The gel has a pleasant smell as well. Love it.

  27. Drew Richmond

    It has great ingredients that don’t cause any negative reaction from my sensitive skin and it’s safe. I recommend it

  28. Allison L.

    I have been using this gel for several months and it is the only thing that helps my pain. Works well. I love this product

  29. Jimmy H.

    This gel really impressed me and I recommend it 100%. I immediately saw very good results 3 days after use, my back pains were significantly improved. The texture is great and the smell too.

  30. T. Ramos

    The best relief gel for me. I am very pleased. Thanks also for such great and friendly customer service.

  31. Darren K.

    My friend suggested I buy this gel for my husband. He often suffers from shoulder pain, sometimes very severe, and after rubbing the affected area just once, the pain was noticeably relieved.

  32. Aimee Warren

    Very satisfied with this gel, it greatly relieves my knee pain. I will definitely use it for a long time.

  33. Bryant E.

    Gel was very effective in relieving pain. Great company and ordering experience. Thank you.

  34. Shelley Holt

    Ordering was very easy, shipping was quick and a true relief gel!

  35. Marc B.

    My stiff neck has finally gotten some relief with this wonderful CBD gel. My neck pain is gone and I couldn’t be happier. I love this product!!

  36. Loretta Roberson

    Bought this gel for my mother to see if it would help with her arthritis pain, and the results were incredible! Mom absolutely loves it and now it is the ONLY product she uses to relieve her pain.

  37. Claire Sutton

    Good relief from muscle aches and spasms, very happy with results. Use it daily.

  38. Matt Schultz

    Great product and customer service.

  39. Jacob C.

    Very satisfied with product. The pain cream is awesome too! Will be back to buy more.

  40. Marianne Jones

    Love everything about this gel. Customer service was great and delivery was quick and simple. Thank you Planta Verde!

  41. N. Watts

    Great results from this gel! I use it on my neck, shoulders, lower back. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  42. Nelson L.

    Use it daily on my back after showering to help me sleep better.

  43. Lynda Mack

    Perfect for my kids who are always getting hurt at school. 🙂 Their pain cream is also amazing!

  44. Angie Knight

    Great buy! Will order again no doubt.

  45. Kerry D.

    Absolutely love this gel. I use it often on my neck and back and the relief it gives is amazing. Very happy customer.

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