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Combat pain and inflammation with the power of CBG & CBD in our delicious and naturally flavored birthday cake fruit chews, formulated to uplift, energize, and reduce stress. Each chew is infused with THC-free CBG & CBD to conveniently deliver synergistic benefits whenever you need them most.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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44 reviews for CBG|CBD Birthday Cake Gummies (25 MG)

  1. Bryant D.

    They have been very helpful with my back pain and I sleep so much better. I highly recommend.

  2. Kerri Rogers

    These gummies are great and taste so good, but most importantly it helps reduce my pain.

  3. Matty Albaugh

    Great gummies and I feel immediate effects. They are the best gummies I have taken. I use them for panic attacks, anxiety, but also enjoy them at any given time.

  4. Fallon Summerland

    I take these gummies for anxiety. These gummies have change my life and I love the flavor.

  5. Ruth S.

    This is the third time I’ve ordered this product. I am a very satisfied customer, I am crazy about the taste of cake batter! This gives me positive energy, it has become a product that I use every day in my diet.

  6. Bethany V.

    The best taste I have had in recent years, I will definitely buy this product every week, even my kids love it. I recommend it to everyone with confidence.

  7. Nat Hampton

    This gummy has a variety of therapeutic benefits – like reducing inflammation, helping me to treat my anxiety and depression and reducing pain. Planta Verde always offers the best and highest quality products. I am very satisfied with this product. It tastes delicious too.

  8. Erin K.

    Customer service agent was very friendly and patient, shipping was very fast, excellent product.

  9. Renee N.

    I feel super relaxed, as if all my worries disappear instantly. I usually eat one gummy and it does its trick. The effects are good for calming and relaxing. It really helps me go to bed faster. The taste is great. I recommend everyone to try this good product.

  10. Vince Jolley

    This product is delicious! The taste is pleasant, it helps me to rest well and wake up refreshed . I’m a big fan of these gummies. Thanks!

  11. Andrea Gilbert

    So happy with these! It’s been 1 month since I started using this product and the changes are really amazing. The taste is so delicious. I can eat them every hour, but usually I take 2 gummies a day and it work well.

  12. Joel C.

    It is very good, it helps a lot in the quality of sleep and calming anxiety. I recommend it to all my friends.

  13. Paula Montgomery

    What a great product. These gummies taste amazing. It calms me down and I really like the flavor. They also help manage my pain. Already ordered a second bottle. Happy with my purchase.

  14. Edward G.

    These are great gummies and priced well. They taste great and are very effective. I have tried several and these are the ones I like best. I would definitely buy again.

  15. Jackie Yang

    The taste of cake batter is extraordinary. I use this product for stress and anxiety and I can honestly say it helped me a lot. For me this is a definite product I will be sharing with others in hope they get the same result.

  16. Ian W.

    These gummies have gradually reduced my body aches and pain. I eat them daily and they give me the expected results. Love then

  17. Ricky C.

    These helped with my inflammation, put my mind at ease, and had great flavor.

  18. Alexis Townsend

    Really tasty, great choice to buy them. First time buying and I love them. These gummies have helped me a lot on my anxiety and insomnia. I’ll order them every month from now on.

  19. Rob Allen

    Great for healing and inflammation. Cake batter flavor taste amazing!

  20. Victoria P.

    I love these gummies. They taste amazing. I was surprised with how effective they are. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. They have helped with panic attacks.

  21. Wendy L.

    I normally have problems sleeping but now I take two gummies before bed and sleep like a baby. Love that it doesn’t make you feel groggy.

  22. Isabel Everett

    Perfect tasting product.These gummies can make anyone’s life a bit better. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping. Helps me rest and don’t feel aches in the morning.

  23. Michael Bailey

    They taste great and they definitely made me sleep better at night, which for me, is a game changer.

  24. Donna Stevens

    Only good things to say about these gummies. The aroma is delicious and so is the taste. It helps me with pain, anxiety and insomnia. I just wish there were more in the jar. LOL My last order I bought was 2 jars and I will continue to buy over and over again.

  25. Jim Morris

    I take 2 gummies every day before work to keep my back pain under control and to feel relaxed. It works great and leaves me pain free, calm and focused.

  26. Teresa Oliver

    I really love the flavour of these gummies. I have been starting my morning with one and it sets my day off right. I feel calm and relaxed. Highly recommend it.

  27. Matthew D.

    I take one of these before a night out… It keeps me calm in crowded places and helps me loosen up and have a good time.

  28. Kim Armstrong

    High quality and delicious! I hope they never run out of this awesome flavor.

  29. Marcus S.

    My wife and kids love them…they feel relaxed and less anxious during these high stress days.

  30. Amy Nelson

    I use these gummies for back pain and relief. I enjoy their flavor. Give it a try if you are indecisive…it’s so worth it.

  31. Dave Mullen

    Tastes great…I can eat them like candy! Plus, they work very well. They have become part of my daily supplement list!

  32. Rick Patel

    Great gummies for any time of day, batter taste delicious.

  33. O. Bradley

    Great effect just taking one. These gummies are the best tasting, healthiest, and strongest of all the gummies I’ve tried. It gives me a very soothing sleep. So pleasantly surprised, I will order more.

  34. JoAnne Z.

    Love these gummies. The texture and taste are really great. It feels like a burst of cake batter in your mouth.

  35. Molly E.

    Gentle and effective. Great for day or nighttime.

  36. Scott T.

    These amazing and tasty gummies ease my anxiety and stress level and I feel energized. I am one happy customer!

  37. Shirley Burke

    Bought several bottles to share during the Holiday season as my entire family loves CBD. We are in love with cake batter flavor! Thank you Planta Verde.

  38. Gregory Rich

    Love reading all the positive reviews. I am picky when it comes to flavors but I was pleasantly surprised on how accurate the reviews are…they are delicious.

  39. Pedro R.

    Five stars without a doubt.

  40. Ariana Wilson

    Shipping was quick and customer service support was very helpful. And to top it all off, the gummies are very tasty.

  41. James M.

    Love the taste and like that they provide details with their certificate of analysis. Will be back for more!

  42. Jenna Hawkins

    I am a huge fan of these gummies. Not only do they taste delicious but I have noticed a big difference in my overall health. My sister loves CBD so I will be buying more to share with her. Amazing product. You guys will have to try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  43. Cody Reese

    Best tasting gummy I have ever had! Highly recommend it.

  44. Rachel T.

    I am speechless and impressed with this amazing cake batter flavor! I can eat these gummies like candy, they are incredible. My kids love them and I can’t seem to keep in stock for our family. Love it!

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