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Relax with our premium, organic CBG flower. The subtle smell and taste of mango accompany a smooth smoke that provides noticeable relief from a variety of conditions. With less than .3% THC, you can enjoy without worry!

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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9 reviews for CBG Flower

  1. Allison T.

    I was skeptical at first because your picture on your website shows green CBG flower. I cannot find any
    smoke shops or dispensaries that have green CBG flower. All I see is CBD brown flower. I was surprised
    to see crystals on your CBG flower. Great job to whoever grew this. Please keep this in stock!

  2. Marc Neil

    Great flower! Looks nice and green and tastes good too.

  3. Ronald B.

    I am a surviving cancer patient and have found relief in your CBG flower. I still have troubles from my chemo and this really helps me sleep. It is very calming. I did not know what to expect but I am so happy that I found your CBG flower. Such relief!!

  4. John Kilroy

    By far this is the best CBG on the market. Not sure how you found green flower, but thank you!

  5. Angelo S.

    Tastes amazing! I’m a repeat customer and will continue to buy from you.

  6. Momma K

    Most CBD and CBG flower that I have been consuming has been brown, harsh, and doesn’t taste that great. Your mango CBG flower is lovely. It is green and hits very smooth. Your CBG flower really calms my nerves. I suffer from fibromyalgia and this really helps me relax and sleep. I even started to mix this flower with my THC flower that I get from my dispensary down the street. Such a great combination. I will purchase again. Do you by chance sell these in ounces?

  7. Deborah Young

    Thank you for some of the best CBG flower out on the market. A lot of garbage. Shipping was fast. Your jars are perfect. I like to be able to see your CBG flower. It’s nice and easy ordering something off of your website. Your picture of your CBG flower is actually the picture.

  8. William Colt

    Your CBG flower is amazing. The smell and taste are legit. It is green and not brown. When I smoke a CBG joint, I am amazed how smooth it is. It is not harsh on my throat. Thank you.

  9. Amy Davidson

    I absolutely love your CBG flower. Your flower is actually green and not brown like what I see at the smoke shops. It tastes amazing and smokes beautifully. Did not make me cough or hurt my throat. Very relaxing when I smoke your flower.

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96 in stock

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