CBN|CBD Green Apple Gummies (25 MG)

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Combat stress and sleep better with the power of CBN & CBD in our delicious and naturally flavored green apple fruit chews, formulated to relax, calm, and reduce stress. Each chew is infused with THC-free CBN & CBD to conveniently deliver synergistic benefits whenever you need them most.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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41 reviews for CBN|CBD Green Apple Gummies (25 MG)

  1. Rolando H.

    It takes effect quite quickly. The best I have had and really helps with my anxiety and stress

  2. Dale W.

    The taste and effectiveness of this gummy is extraordinary.

  3. Emma V.

    I have tried a variety of gummies and these are my favorite! I will continue to buy.

  4. Leila P.

    Love the new label design! Same great taste which I love!!!

  5. Melanie Gibson

    I am very satisfied with my purchase and feel relaxed throughout the day. The taste of apples is delish and I highly recommend them.

  6. Camille T.

    These are awesome. I shared them with my office colleagues and I want to say that I had a much more productive day and it was even fun!

  7. Laura Martin

    The way it relaxes and invigorates me is extraordinary, not to mention the taste of green apples that lingers in my mouth, very good for a peaceful and deep sleep. Even after I wake up I don’t feel tired like other products, very good product.

  8. Kyle C.

    Since I tried this product my life has changed for the better as far as sleep is concerned. I wake up well rested and very refreshed!

  9. Jason Leonard

    Since using this product my sleep has improved so much. I don’t wake up during the night like I used to. In the morning I wake up very rested and not feeling groggy. I started using this product every day and believe me it’s worth the money.

  10. Susan Brooks

    Compared to other products that don’t help at all, this product really helps you have a restful sleep. 5 stars without a doubt.

  11. Carl T.

    It’s hard to resist a good gummy nowadays, especially when they are full of CBD. I eat these gummies due to their relaxing and calming properties. They taste great, work well and come in high quality packaging and the price is excellent. Great product

  12. Sierra J.

    This product relaxes me to the max and gives me a sense of calm and unprecedented relaxation. The taste of green apples is very fresh and pleasant. Five stars.

  13. Tony Garcia

    Love these gummies! They are exactly what it says on the label. They taste great and are very effective. Helps me manage my pain. Already ordered a second bottle. Highly recommend. Delivery came super quickly.

  14. George D.

    I use these to help calm me down with anxiety attacks, stress and before bed to help me sleep. Good results

  15. J. Boyd

    I started taking one of these gummies about an hour before bedtime and have been sleeping easily 9 hours. Great product for a great price.

  16. Hannah E.

    I am very happy with the pain relief and other health benefits. One of my friends told me about this gummies so I gave it a try. This CBD products is very good for Back pain and joint pain.The quality of this product is excellent. The flavor is great.

  17. Danny Hall

    Because I have problems with sleep, I decided to buy two jars. The apple flavor gives a refreshing taste. I can’t get enough of eating them, I’m a big fan of these products. Above all, it helps me to have a deep and peaceful sleep. Magnificent product.

  18. Suzie Barron

    This product has made a big difference in my life in that it has significantly reduced my daily stress after work.

  19. Tracey M.

    The taste of green apple is amazing, much better than than any other gummy I’ve tried. Love that they don’t stick to your teeth! They arrived in expected time.

  20. Angie C.

    These are a Godsend. They help my achy joints a ton and I highly recommend this wonderful product to those suffering from arthritis or any other pain symptoms. It is great with anxiety too. Get it and you won’t regret it one bit.

  21. Don R.

    Very pleased with the results after taking them for a month . The green apple gummies really took the edge off my joint pain. They made me feel much more energized and I think that was due to them helping so much with the pain.

  22. Travis Yates

    I bought these primarily for my arthritis but they have also helped with my anxiety and much improved sleep.

  23. Mark W.

    Excellent product, affordable and the shipping is quick. Gummies taste amazing. I am very happy that I found this website.

  24. Ricky C.

    Puts my mind and body at ease. Great before bed.

  25. Matt Wise

    I like them a lot. This has definitely improved my anxiety problem. The first time I only ordered one jar to find out how good these really were. Once I tried it I ordered two more jars. I highly recommend trying these!

  26. Natasha M.

    I have found this to be a very useful product indeed, excellent for pain and anxiety.

  27. Mrs. Humphrey

    I was looking for a healthier alternative to relax, sleep better and reduce stress. These gummies taste amazing and are much healthier than the ones I have tried before. I recommend this to everyone!

  28. Jacob Thompson

    Absolutely wonderful product, helps a lot of my problems. From anxiety to fatigue, my muscle pain disappears after a while of taking this product. I usually take one or two a day. Great product.

  29. Kendra Preston

    These are great. I take one in the evening and in about an hour I am very relaxed before bed. The best product.

  30. Todd T.

    I ordered once and fell in love so I ordered more.

  31. Mr & Mrs Alvarado

    These gummies help me get a great night’s sleep! Don’t hesitate to buy these gummies.You won’t regret ordering them.

  32. Kurt Branch

    This product really helps me recharge for the day since it makes me sleep all night long. They have an amazing apple taste. Excellent product.

  33. Sherry Davis

    Love the taste and helped me sleep well!

  34. Lisa Coleman

    I absolutely love these gummies and will keep eating them. Really helps with my anxiety and chronic pain in hands and arms. These are amazing and I higly recommend.

  35. Kelly Hooper

    Deliciousness in a bottle! Love the taste and how relaxed it makes me feel, making me able to sleep all night long and feel refreshed and not groggy in the morning.

  36. Clay G.

    They are awesome! I fall asleep fast and I’m not tired when I wake up. Highly recommend it.

  37. Robert Lewis

    I have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. But now that I have found this delicious CBN/CBD gummy, my life has changed for the better! I have the best sleep now and feel rested when I get up. Thank you for a wonderful and tasty product.

  38. Kelly W.

    All you need to have a great night of sleep. Perfect and delicious!

  39. Bobby Edwards

    For optimized sleep cycle, this is incredible! My wife and I are extremely happy with this product.

  40. Shirley Smith

    Amazing taste! Plus I can rest easy and sleep without getting up several times during the night.

  41. Al Butler

    The best green apple taste in a a gummy I have ever had!! I eat one every night before heading to bed and finally get great sleep. Highly recommend it.

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