Delta 8 Gummies (25 MG Cake Batter + Green Apple)

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Enjoy the effects of Delta 8 with our delicious and naturally flavored cake batter and green apple fruit chews. Each chew is infused with 25 mg of Delta 8. Please consume responsibly.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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39 reviews for Delta 8 Gummies (25 MG Cake Batter + Green Apple)

  1. Cristian M.

    The best gummies on the market, in my opinion. They have no strange side effects. My girlfriend and I love them.

  2. Aubrey Bereveskos

    I’ve tried everything to relax before bed but had trouble because my mind would not shut off. I tried these gummies and they have changed my life. I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. I’m obsessed. You should try them, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Bryson E.

    Awesome and tasty. Highly recommend these.

  4. Jonathan Bohn

    They far exceeded my expectations. The best and only ones l will order from now own . Great product! You won’t regret buying these.

  5. Judy Z.

    These taste delicious and taking just one helps me relax and quiets down my brain so I can sleep through the night. Quality product, good customer service and shipping is quick.

  6. Mia London

    Very nice. Tastes great and helps me feel very relaxed. Will definitely purchase again.

  7. Chad M.

    I have been dealing with muscle spasms for a while and this gave me the relief without all the prescriptions I usually was taking. No anxiety or tension. Love the gummies and flavors.

  8. Olivia Serrado

    The taste is delicious! It makes me feel stimulated like you can do something very productive and feel accomplished. 🙂

  9. Eugune N.

    Wonderful product that gives you an excellent state of relaxation.

  10. Elena Norfolk

    Absolutely love this gummy. I take a half and before too long I am so much more relaxed and able to sleep better.The cost is affordable, so i will definitely be purchasing again.

  11. Everett J.

    The flavors and texture are delicious. The effects are what I was looking for. Thank you for the high quality gummies.

  12. Kenneth Redwood

    They are the most delicious, organic, powerful and affordable price, recommend to anyone to try it.

  13. Janna Cruise

    These delta 8 gummies are not only strong and have long-lasting results, but they are absolutely delicious and pleasant to consume. Very smooth flavor and texture, these gummies are a win-win.

  14. Brenda Lee

    The flavors are great. I use it for pain and better sleep. I’d recommend this stuff to anyone who has anxiety, pain, insomnia, or depression. This company has great customer service about the order and any questions.

  15. Gerald Irvington

    These are some of the best hemp gummies I have had. Great for pain relief and anxiety. Also great sleep. Repeat customer and enjoying them very much.

  16. Darryl Bannec

    The product helps me a lot. It calms My quality of sleep has also improved. I have been consuming it for a while but the changes are major and positive. Delivery is fast too.

  17. Rosie Park

    It does seem to produce a good emotional effect. A positive effect. I’m so relax and calm after I eat a gummy.

  18. Edgar Loroza

    I’ve been eating them for about a month and have been a big fan. The flavor was on point and I feel that at night I am much more relaxed, I sleep better.

  19. Lena S.

    I have tot tell you that these gummies are very special. My mood is better, I’m much more relaxed and just less anxious overall.

  20. Tara Lynnfield

    This product brings the best benefit for sleep, great taste of apple fruit, is the second box I use and I feel great.

  21. Curt F.

    If you’re seeking an effective sleep aid but without the risk of getting anxious, then you may want to consider delta 8 gummies as your next nightcap. |It is delicious, the taste of flavored cake batter and greean apple it makes you eat them like candy.

  22. Emily A.

    Your Delta 8 is amazing. I like that you put two different flavors in the jar. Cake batter is by far my favorite. The green gummy is not as sour as I thought it would be.

  23. Jackie Green

    I have issues sleeping and eating. This helps with both. Great job.

  24. Eva Garth

    I was surprised on how fast Delta 8 works. Very subtle

  25. Mike V.

    I cannot believe how well this Delta 8 works. I have tried others that did not work. I only ate half and was amazed.

  26. Paulette Hague

    I was taking cannabis edibles daily. I did not like the hangover feeling from them. I tried your Delta 8 and was very happy with NOT feeling drowsy. I woke up refreshed, no edible hangover

  27. Calvin Hills

    Thanks for a great product.

  28. Tonya R.

    Your Delta 8 is stronger than I thought it would be. I am glad I did not take 2. 1 is enough. LOL

  29. Rick Platte

    Delta 8 edible… Game changer! LMK if you are going to make Delta 8 cartridges

  30. Doug M.

    Tasty and definitely works! So glad I found these.

  31. Stephen Bardol

    Great buy. My friends and family enjoyed the holidays a lot more this year!

  32. Vicki Partel

    Very pleasant taste in the mouth, good effect for a pleasant and long sleep. I definitely
    recommend everyone to try.

  33. Monique I.

    LOVE THIS! I like that I can enjoy two flavors just by getting one jar. This is my third order though.

  34. Natalia Hampton

    Love that it doesn’t stick to my teeth. I eat the dosage recommend and love the effects.

  35. Brandon Westin

    Great stuff. Works fast! If you have any other flavors, please let me know. Thanks

  36. Julie H.

    I am going through Chemo and been having trouble with eating, sleeping and keeping things down. Your Delta 8 has helped me big time. I have an appetite and I am able to keep things down. I ordered your CBN to help with my sleep. A combination of your Delta 8 and CBN has been nothing short of a miracle.

  37. Yolanda Ball

    You crushed the Delta 8 flavors. Cake batter taste really good. I just ordered your CBG cake batter!

  38. Neil Parsons

    Thanks for this Delta 8. Helped my girlfriend out with her insomnia. The green one was her favorite.

  39. Eric B.

    This Delta 8 works well. Will buy again!

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