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Introducing Planta Verde Indoor THCa Flower, the pinnacle of indoor-grown hemp flower. Sourced from carefully cultivated plants, our THCa Flower boasts unparalleled purity and potency. Grown in a controlled environment, each bud is nurtured to perfection, ensuring a premium experience for discerning hemp enthusiasts. With its high concentration of THCa, this flower offers a clean, uplifting experience, perfect for relaxation or creative inspiration. Elevate your hemp experience with Planta Verde Indoor THCa Flower — where quality meets innovation.

***May cause drowsiness and may cause you to fail a drug test.***

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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24 reviews for Indoor THCa Flower

  1. Nancy Kerns

    Seems to work well for me. If you want to relax this is a product that helps with chronic pain, anxiety and sleep.

  2. Jerry L.

    Love this one. Very soothing, relax. Perfect at the end of the day or anytime really.Great smell, great taste, no pain and desired effects.

  3. Christa Faris

    Great smell, great taste, no pain and desired effects.

  4. Vini Aguilar

    I tried the product first to see if it had any effect on sleep and anxiety and I can say that it really helps, it also has a fairly strong and fast analgesic effect on migraines and other types of pain. Very good product.

  5. Dave Trammel

    Love this…I am on my second order and I will definitely come back.

  6. Thomas J.

    Absolutely amazing flower. Taste is great. I will Definitely be reordering again. Best product, can’t complain, thank you.

  7. Stacy T.

    A product that exceeds my expectations. Taste and smell delicious. It opens appetite, gives me a boost for creativity which is helpful with my job. I highly recommend it.

  8. Shannon R.

    It has helped me significantly in reducing my pain and anxiety.

  9. Holly G.

    This product has a relaxing effect on the head and body. It helped with muscle pain and made me feel very relaxed mentally. Fast delivery, good product. Keep up the good work guys!

  10. Casey Norman

    This flower is also a good use during the day. It has a wonderful aroma, smooth taste. I highly recommend this strain.

  11. R. Shepherd

    Feeling good after smoking this flower. My nervousness disappears instantly. It helps me relax after a long day at work. I will order it from here from now on.

  12. Garrett T.

    This flower is great for both, day and evening. Pleasant feeling of relaxation, helps with sleep and the taste is fabulous. Nice and green too.

  13. Daniela Molina

    Loving it… I feel incredibly good after consuming it. Exceptional sensation.

  14. Jessica Stewart

    An exceptional Planta Verde product. When I consume this product I feel very calm, my leg pain disappears for a few hours, and gives me a deep and peaceful sleep. Exactly what I need. I will definitely order it again.

  15. B. Watson

    Excellent taste. The product arrived very quickly and on time. I recommend it to everyone.

  16. Melinda Hawkins

    This is the perfect bedtime product. I sleep like a baby after it. The taste is very pleasant. I will definitely order it again.

  17. Stacie M.

    This is exactly what I was looking for to relax my back. I have been dealing with muscle spasms.Tastes and smells as wonderful as it looks. I will be ordering again as it definitely helps with discomfort, pain and anxiety. I highly recommend it

  18. R. Spencer

    It has a pleasant texture and smell and is very suitable for those who want to use it daily.

  19. Lindsey Park

    I can say that it is an extraordinary product especially for those who are looking to replace tobacco. I have been using it for more than 1 year and I still haven’t found anything similarly good in terms of value for money.

  20. Steven A.

    Only Planta Verde offers this unique product that in other shops or sites do not exist or aren’t up to par. Believe me, I’ve been searching around like crazy. Pleasant taste of mango, I feel very relaxed when I smoke it, my throat does not hurt. it is a product that I will use whenever I have the opportunity to relax.

  21. Marc Lee

    Exceptional product!!! It does not make me cough, pleasant taste, great price, very easy to order from the website.

  22. Nate Wright

    Before I tried this product I had serious problems with sleep, now when I smoke it I sleep like a baby and in addition I have a pleasant taste in my mouth.

  23. Marc Neil

    Great flower! Looks nice and green and tastes good too.

  24. Angelo S.

    Tastes amazing! I’m a repeat customer and will continue to buy from you.

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