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Planta Verde Whole Hemp Plant Tincture contains full spectrum cannabinoids derived from the entirety of the hemp plant. It has been precisely formulated to be highly absorbable and to deliver potent cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream and nervous system. By activating the endocannabinoid system in the body, our formula is intended to improve healing time, inflammation, and pain.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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43 reviews for Whole Hemp Plant Tincture

  1. Clara Danver

    Definitely becoming a regular part of my routine.

  2. Roy Manor

    The best, purest you can get. Not oily or greasy feeling in your mouth because it doesn’t have any oil in it. Pure CBD and water for extraction. Love the customer service that answered my questions.

  3. Janice B.

    Love this product. The drops are so easy to use. It helps me sleep every night without waking up drowsy.

  4. Russ Ciocler

    Since I started using this tincture I have been able to sleep incredibly well. Happy customer.

  5. Charlie J.

    Really like that I only need to take a couple of drops per day and it is great for pain/inflammation.

  6. Darrell Schiffman

    I have been using your product for about 2 months, I have not left a comment until now, wanting to see how it works to be as objective as possible. I noticed an obvious improvement in sleep. Also, the physical condition seems to be much better.

  7. Paulo Rodriguez

    I use this tincture for anti-inflammatory treatments and now I sleep much better at night too. I’m calmer, I don’t wake up during the night anymore.

  8. Liz R.

    My wife bought this product for me because I am very anxious. After 2-3 drops I feel very relaxed, at ease, even the taste is extraordinary. I am very grateful to my wife and to this site.

  9. Michelle Sherman

    Very good product that relaxes me and gives me a sense of calmness. It helps me sleep so well.
    The taste is very nice also. Try it out!

  10. Larry D.

    This CBD tincture has helped with my insomnia and anxiety. I put 3 drops under my tongue 30 minutes before I go to bed and I sleep better than I have in months. It actually helps shut my mind off and that’s not easy to do. This CBD tincture is well worth the money. I will definitely be buying some more.

  11. Gary Coffman

    If you have anxiety, this is what you should be taking as a great homeopathic option! Highly recommended! After one bottle you’ll be hooked.

  12. Elaine K.

    I usually get stressed from work and take this tincture daily. I can say that it calms me down and gives me a state of continuous relaxation. Recommend it.

  13. Ashley Sparks

    This tincture is worth all the money. I usually drink it with water or juice and I feel great. I also use it for migraines and after a while the pain disappears. The taste is good and it also helps me fall asleep quickly.

  14. Corey B.

    Since I started using Whole Flower CBD Tincture, I been in a longer and deeper, restful sleep. The flavor is nice. I clearly see how helpful it is to my body. Will tell all friends about it.

  15. Brittney Simpson

    This tincture has completely changed my life. I get a good night’s sleep and wake up completely refreshed.

  16. Andrew H.

    It’s the second time I’ve ordered this tincture and I can honestly say it helped me a lot with my leg pain. I feel much calmer and relaxed too. The product is at a convenient price and really does help. Buy it with confidence!

  17. Bob Wilson

    It helps me get well rested. I sleep 12 hours with this tincture. It gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation.

  18. Shawna P.

    I have used it for depression, stress and the nervous system. I noticed that it takes effect after about 3 hours.

  19. J. Martin

    This product is very good for my daily stress. I usually consume it in the evening and it usually relaxes me before bedtime.

  20. Courtney A.

    Love this tincture. It is strong and helps me to sleep soundly all night. During the day, a few drops are really calming. Glad I tried it.

  21. Jessica G.

    Bought this tincture to help with joint pain and feet pain, helps me so much. Also keeps me calm and less anxious. Better mood as well. Been using for a month and can feel a big difference. Thank you for this product.

  22. Melissa B.

    I enjoy the soothing effects of your CBD Whole Flower Tincture. It helps me to have a restful sleep.

  23. Daniel Bridges

    I am very satisfied with this tincture. The quality of the product is unmatched. I started using it to help me sleep. I take it almost every day before I go to bed. It helps tremendously to calm my nerves before bed and sleep deeply. I will continue to buy it.

  24. Mrs. Sanchez

    Wonderful product! It does what I need it to do. Levels me out after a long day of work, school and life in general. Helps calm my mind before I head to bed and allows me to get the much needed sleep I need.

  25. David Z.

    If I have trouble sleeping, the tincture seems to help me relax at bedtime.

  26. Brianna S.

    I bought this tincture when I was suffering from muscle pain all over my body. After 30 days of continuous use, pain is just a thing of the past. Thanks

  27. Nikki Bell

    Love the earthy taste!

  28. Mark Russell

    I started using this product for my intensified problems with insomnia and anxiety. I am extremely happy that I have found this product!

  29. Leo Jr.

    This is the first time I’ve tried the tincture since using the gummies. I really like this product and the taste is pleasant. This helps my mood and general recovery after anything physical or a hard day at work. I recommend this and their gummies too.

  30. Stephanie I.

    Loved how this tincture helped me get a good night of rest.

  31. Julia C.

    I started using this tincture for my anxiety. II have recommended to others who also have loved it. We are extremely happy to have discovered this product!

  32. Ray Navarro

    Find out that this helps me quite a bit with muscle pain and aches. Small dosage but powerful.

  33. Jeffrey Eaton

    I received this tincture as a gift, but I did not expect to feel so good when I take it. I sleep well at night. Thank you very much.

  34. Danielle Cox

    Great, earthy taste. I use it for back pain and insomnia. Love that I only have to take 2-3 drops, so one bottle lasted me quite a while. Thank you for this great tincture.

  35. Joelle H.

    I take it everywhere I go in my purse…love it!

  36. Michael A.

    I purchased this product because of its concentrated form. I was tired of buying products with MCT oil in it. MCT oil was leaving my mouth feeling oily. This product has NO MCT oil. It’s wonderful!! The taste is a bit earthy IMO. If you feel you won’t like the earthy taste, you can put it in water or juice. Since it’s in a concentrated form, you only need 2-3 drops instead of a full dropper. Great product! Thanks

  37. Renata R.

    This was a good buy! It doesn’t taste bad at all. It helps me sleep and eases my anxiety a lot. I take 2-3 drops as recommended and works great.

  38. Alyssa Cohen

    Wonderful, earthy taste. I take it for migraines and this tincture effects are felt pretty quickly. Very thankful to have found this one.

  39. Chris Jankins

    What a great CBD product! Whole Flower CBD is the bomb!

  40. Sam Andrews

    Great product! BEST CBD products online!

  41. Kayla Jenkins

    Worth every penny! I have been using it for a couple of months to help with my work stress and I definitely feel this tincture has helped me a lot. As a repeat customer, I highly recommend this product and the gummies too. You won’t be disappointed when you buy from them.

  42. Julia N.

    Absolutely love the earthy taste and it has helped me get better sleep.

  43. Linda Williams

    I currently use CBD to help with anxiety and I have tried several brands but Planta Verde’s tincture has really helped like no other. I take 3 drops a day and my anxiety levels have decreased tremendously. Highly recommend it!

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