Whole Hemp Dog Treats

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Planta Verde Whole Hemp CBD Dog Treats

Planta Verde CBD Dog Treats offer premium natural and organic ingredients. These delicious treats are made with Peanut Butter, Banana, Oats and CBD to help your dog have a long, healthy, and happy life. Whether you’re trying to teach your dog new tricks or simply rewarding good behavior, these treats are perfect!  CBD may also help your dog with pain, inflammation and anxiety.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.

13 reviews for Whole Hemp Dog Treats

  1. Joshua Guzman

    These treats have made a big difference in my dog’s life. He’s 7 years of age and has anxiety, mostly separation anxiety. Since giving these to him, the treats have helped him a lot and we noticed that giving it to him in the morning works the best.

  2. Claudia Craig

    These are some of our favorite CBD treats. Our dogs go crazy for them!

  3. Mary Lewis

    Fast shipping and my poodle loves them.

  4. JoAnne G.

    Cooper and Stitch love their treats for breakfast.

  5. Jenn Stewart

    Both of our dogs have arthritis and after giving them the treats daily as a supplement, they both seem to be happier and moving around a lot easier with less pain.

  6. Sarah W.

    I was hesitant, but I did some research and found these for my dogs. They love these CBD treats!

  7. Natalie M.

    Highly recommend these treats. My Boxer has epilepsy and these treats have really helped her have less seizures. She is 12 years old and happier now, no doubt. What a blessing!

  8. Bob Werner

    They work great for our 11-year old Lab.

  9. Dennis T.

    Worth every penny. It seems to help my dogs relax more while I work from home.

  10. Erika Clark

    My dog loves the treats! She gets 1 at night and it helps her sleep well.

  11. Brian Smith

    My dog suffers from hip dysplasia and these treats have helped him tremendously. Since starting him on CBD treats, he no longer whimpers with pain. Thank you for this great pet treat!

  12. Samantha P.

    Since I have a small breed dog, I cut each treat into two pieces so it’s easier to swallow. She absolutely loves them.

  13. Morgan Haynes

    My pups love the taste of these treats. They are young but it’s never too late to start them on CBD.

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86 in stock

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